Register for Dana Online Poker and How to Create a Dana Application account

Registering online poker funds and how to create a fund application account are very easy for you to do through this site. By registering online poker funds, you do not have to have a bank account.

For now, the method of registering online poker is very popular among online card gambling lovers. Not only registering idn poker via funds, but also depositing poker via funds is currently in high demand by online card gambling lovers.

The advantage of registering online poker via funds is that you can make a free poker credit deposit with a minimum poker deposit of 10,000 only. You can deposit poker via funds for a full 24 hours without offline hours.

List of Fund Accounts and How to Create a Dana Application Account

And to register a fund account or how to create a fund application account you can do it easily, here we will provide a way to register qq online bet a fund account easily through the idn poker apk register agent via funds.

  • Open the DANA App
  • Open the DANA application on your smartphone, then ‘Tap Me’ in the lower right corner then ‘Tap Verify Your Account’
  • eKTP photo
  • Next, take a photo of your identity card, which is using an eKTP and take a clear picture, don’t be blurry or shaded.
  • Face Verification
  • At this stage, you must find a bright place with sufficient lighting and make sure your face is clearly visible. taruhan bola terpercaya
  • Make sure your data matches the eKTP
  • You have to check again and make sure the data that has been stored is in accordance with the eKTP or not
  • Wait for the Validation Process
  • Wait until the validation process is complete, if I’m not mistaken, it only takes a maximum of 60 minutes, you know, your account will be premium.
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IDN Poker Apk version 2.1.0 Latest

By registering poker via funds, you can also download the latest idn poker apk version 2.1.0 and play using the mobile poker application. You only need to download the idn poker apk version 2.1.0 via the link we have provided below.

To be able to download the latest idn poker apk version 2.1.0 you are required to have a smartphone based on android and ios. In addition to providing the latest version of IDN Poker, you can also download the old version of IDN Poker through this site.

Please contact our customer service via the online idn poker live chat service that we have provided on this site. To convey the obstacles you experience when registering, logging in or when downloading.